Ways Bookstores Promote Books

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If you have a bookstore, then you need to promote the books in the store. Otherwise, people will start buying from the competitors, and you won’t earn much revenue. Here you will know the different ways bookstores promote their books today.

Arrange Cleverly

Customers feel comfortable looking at the eye level. So, you should keep the books on the shelves at eye level so that it’s easier for the readers to see them. They can spend some time reading the synopsis of these books. This will help them to decide which book to buy.

You should place your bestsellers at the end of the aisle. That way, these books will be more noticeable to the customers, and they will most likely buy the books.

Give Customer Discounts

You can give a week-long discount on selected books. This will help to get rid of the books that are selling slowly or not selling at all. You can also give discounts on the bestseller. That way, more people will learn about the bestsellers in town and buy from you.

Hold Book Launching Events

A book launching event can be organised. In that case, people will visit your store and see the available books. They will also be eager to meet the author and get motivated to buy the book.

Collaborate With Others

You can collaborate with others, like the publishing house or local newspaper, to promote the books in your bookstore. That means you can keep the books of a particular publishing house at eye level or the end of the aisle so that more customers see them and buy.

The publishing house will give you percentage money of their total sales. When you collaborate with the local newspaper, you can have the newspaper for sale at your store and get your books reviewed and published in the newspaper. This way, both parties benefit.

Social Media Platforms

The social media platform is a great way to reach lots of customers. You can promote the books in your store on social platforms. You can also provide a synopsis of the books, so that prospective customers get more interested in buying the book.

Employee Pick

You can have a corner at the bookstore where you will display the books chosen by the employees. People trust them, and after knowing that the employees have read the book and liked them, people will believe in them and buy the books.

These are some ways the bookstores promote their books. These steps will help customers to learn more about the books available. You can earn more revenue from your book business by promoting the books.