Reasons Books Become Bestsellers

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Every author has a dream that their book will become a bestseller. Every year thousands of books get published, and it is very difficult to bypass these books and become the author of a bestseller.

Many popular magazines or book associations publish their version of bestsellers. For example, the New York Times bestseller won’t match with another category of a bestseller. If you are opting for a bestseller spot, then you should know the reasons why books become bestsellers.

Know The Criteria Of The Organiser

You should first select the category in which you want your book to be selected, that is, fiction, non-fiction, political, etc. If you consider the New York Times, for example, you should know that they favour books that are published by New York publishing houses. The same will be in the case of Nielson New Zealand bestsellers.

The organiser will prefer books published by New Zealand publishing houses. So, as an author, if you want to be listed in the Nielson NZ bestseller, for example, then you need to make sure that your book is published by the New Zealand publishing houses.

Promote Diverse And Fast Sales

You cannot follow the traditional publishing route today. You need to learn about self-promotion. The authors today use their social media platforms and other means to promote their books. They even go to various events and talk about their upcoming books.

Different organisers have different criteria for selecting the bestsellers in terms of the number of copies of books sold.

For the Times, it is 5,000 to 10,000 copies in one week. The sales have to be diverse too. For example, you cannot sell all the books to your regular customers or your webpage. The sales must cross the boundary of your own country and go international as well.

Develop A Strong Author Platform

Before obtaining the bestseller status, you should try to build a strong author platform. You must be active on social media and engage with prospective customers. You should try to build your credibility on a particular niche. You should collaborate with the others in your locality to gain more exposure and knowledge.

Develop A Pre-Order List

You should try to get orders for your book before it gets published. That way, if the pre-orders are sold before the book launch, then the first week of official sales will be excellent.

These tips will help you to become the author of the bestseller book. You will become popular, and this status will give you the encouragement to write and publish more books.