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19783868594317Best Highrises 2016/17: The International Highrise Award 2016 $ 89.95
19781864705928 Designing the Ecocity-In-The-Sky: The Seoul Workshop $ 69.95
19788416239900Dream Tropical Resorts$ 129.95
19781941806661Archpoetry: Architecture of the Maldives $ 79.95
19780812241846Skyscraper: The Politics and Power of Building New York City in the Twentieth Century $ 99.95
19781405106146Multi-Storey Precast Concrete Framed Structures (Revised) (2ND ed.) $ 229.95
19780982631201Design for Government $ 59.95
19780393733853Hotel Design, Planning, and Development (2nd ed.) $ 199.95
19781568989679Manhattan Skyscrapers (3RD ed.) $ 89.95
19781568988184Building Envelopes: An Integrated Approach $ 59.95
19780982622605Public Architecture: The Art Inside $ 139.95
19789881354280Inside Outside Office Design V $ 159.95
1 9783836517324Public Architecture Now! $ 69.95
19781579127879Skyscrapers: A History of the World's Most Extraordinary Buildings $ 49.95
19781597264778Green Building Trends: Europe $ 89.95
19780316336314 One World Trade Center: Biography of the Building $ 79.95
19780764348488Auto-Tecture: Unique Designs for the Contemporary Garage $ 99.95
19783868592405Building Together: Chipperfield Dudler, Gigon/Guyer $ 79.95
19788415492023Office Spaces: 1000 Inspirational Ideas $ 129.95
Free shipping within NZ for 4 or more books per order  $ 0.00
TOTAL (inc GST)  $ 2009.05
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