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19784805309780Kyoto: City of Zen: Visiting the Heritage Sites of Japan's Ancient Capital $ 59.95
19780714875354 Destination Architecture: The Essential Guide to 1000 Contemporary Buildings $ 79.95
19781579128579Five Hundred Buildings of London$ 49.95
19780957148321London Art Deco $ 39.95
19780393733570Guide to New York City Urban Landscapes $ 69.95
19780393733068Pocket Guide to Miami Architecture$ 59.95
1978477003054221st Century Tokyo: A Guide to Contemporary Architecture $ 39.95
19783833152870Art & Architecture Venice$ 39.95
19783037681886Building Berlin: The Latest Architecture in and Out of the Capital $ 79.95
19780714871950 Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide: West Coast USA $ 79.95
19780813034713Miami Architecture: An AIA Guide Featuring Downtown, the Beaches, and Coconut Grove $ 69.95
19781589808744New Orleans Streets: A Walker's Guide to Neighborhood Architecture $ 39.95
19781421402703Aia Guide to the Architecture of Washington, D.C. (5TH ed.) $ 49.95
19780711231900Quiet London$ 49.95
19783832794354Aad New York: Art Architecture Design $ 39.95
19780393733266Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture $ 69.95
Free shipping within NZ for 4 or more books per order  $ 0.00
TOTAL (inc GST)  $ 919.20
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